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 The best piece of advice I could give anyone looking at wedding options is to include Cake and Champage Event Planning in your plans. -Dallas Welch

If we had not have had Heidi as our wedding planner, we would have been absolutely lost. - Laura McGee

If you are planning a wedding without the assistance of Cake and Champagne Planning stop right now! Pick up your phone and call them ASAP!- Leslie K


We hired Heidi to be our day-of-coordinator about 2 months out from our wedding From day one of our meeting, she amazed us with her professionalism, ability to connect with others, and advice. She thinks of everything!! Heidi ended up saving our entire wedding day multiple times with such grace. I am so thankful for her and all that she did for us. From helping us figure out a plan when plates didn’t come with catering, politely escorting out uninvited random people from the reception, and driving to the store and purchasing cake for our ENTIRE reception when our wedding cake to serve did not arrive (just to name a few things)! She is AMAZING! Without her, all the investments we put into other portions of our day would not have gone as smoothly as they did. When I think back to our wedding day, it was a dream come true and it is all thanks to Heidi. Save yourself some headaches and book Heidi to be your wedding superhero, you will not regret it!

This girl rocks! She bent over backward behind the scenes to make everything during my wedding run smoothly. From attending set up meetings with vendors, directly communicating with venue staff, decorating with the bridal party and helping with clean up. She even went with me to buy a wedding dress from Facebook marketplace- because that can be kind of sketchy! She helped maintained the dessert table, ensured the bride and groom had drinks refilled, kept the DJ on track with the schedule of events and was the go to for my parents when they kept bombarding me with questions! In one instance, we had some guests with specialized food requirements and she was able to immediately rectify the situation before it even came up! Love this girl to death and know she will be committed to wearing flats and being your go to for all your wedding needs and to take a bit of that stress off! Super friendly, fun and energetic! :)

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One of my favorite moments from our wedding day was when we arrived at the reception venue with Heidi standing outside the door to greet us with a smile, a hug and the exact words I wanted to hear: "Everything is perfect and we're good to go for you!" Pretty sure she threw in a "you look beautiful" or something like that, but really that was secondary to hearing what I already knew...Heidi's the best!  She tackled any questions that came up, kept the evening and festivities light and moving forward all while acting on the spot when needed to make everything work out better than planned. She's a quick, creative thinker and problem solver, who listens and goes with the flow, but who is also always ready to offer an opinion, bounce around an idea or provide direction when asked. We had zero worries, headaches or even questions to field with Heidi running the ship as her dedication to not only us but to all of our family and friends in attendance made our wedding a true celebration for everyone. Bottom line, Heidi's fantastic and, thanks to her, our wedding was, too!

Heidi literally helped us create the wedding of our dreams! She is not only professional, experienced, detail oriented, patient and punctual but also so kind and always a joy to speak to as well! If you just want some help or are completely new to all the wedding stuff and don't have a clue where to begin you should definitely start with a meeting with her! I was so excited to get married but not about the planning at all! She will be excited about that part for you, and get you excited as well! She kept me calm and collected. She goes above and beyond and makes sure that your wedding day is special and memorable! The actual best day of your life, and I can honestly say it was the best day of ours with her help! Thanks to her as far as we knew there was nothing but sunshine and happiness! I could go on and on about her and how much she did for us! SERIOUSLY we would recommend Heidi to everyone! Your planning process and wedding day will be so relaxing with her I promise!! It was the best decision we ever made!


If we had not have had Heidi as our wedding planner, we would have been absolutely lost. I was not the type of bride who was very excited about planning a wedding and I certainly did not have a plan of what I wanted it to be like. Heidi worked with me, giving me small tasks to get done so that nothing ever felt overwhelming. She got to know my husband and I and helped us figure out a theme (literary) and actually got us into it. Heidi thought of every last detail. On top of that she responded to every panicked call and text, immediately reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. In the end she created the most perfect wedding for us. It reflected us perfectly, but it would never have happened without Heidi. If you use her as your wedding planner you will never regret it, you will have exactly what you want and so much more, and you will end up wanting Heidi to become your best friend on top of it!

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