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Been There, Done That

While I was writing my "Before 30 Bucket List", I cruised all the lists on the internet to see if I could borrow some ideas about the things I wanted on my own list. I came to find that I had done a large number of things on these lists so I wrote them down as a "Done it List"


Ladies and Gents, I present to you, My "Done it List",

1. Surfing, sailing, jet-ski, tubing

2. Skiing (never snowboarding)

3. Horseback riding

4. Scuba Diving with certification

5. Tatoo, piercing, dye hair crazy color

6. Shoot a compound bow, crossbow, shotgun, rifle, and a handgun.

7. Get married/ fall in love

8. Buy a house

9. Buy a new car

10. Fly in a plane and Helicopter

11. Live abroad (Scotland, 1 month)

12. Meet a celebrity (Kellin Quinn)

13.Graduate college (KU,2016)

14. Pet a dolphin, a seal, a stingray, an elephant, a camel, and a crocodile

15. Be a Maid of Honor. (twice)

16.Volunteer for a worthy cause (Children's Mercy)

17. Run a 5k

18. Have my picture in the newspaper (Twice)

19. Be on tv (Local News)

20. See the sunrise / Set on the beach

21.Win an award ( a few in film school)

22. Own a pet (Dogs, cats, rats, a mouse, and a bat)

23. Have surgery (open heart)

24. Catch a fish with my bare hands

25. Beat an escape room.

26. See a Volcano (St Lucia)

27. Be published in a book (a photo I submitted for a contest was selected for a book)

28. Drive a crane, bulldozer, excavator and a duce and half

29. Eat gator, snake, shark, squirrel, and crickets

30. Been tazed

31. Ridden a rollercoaster, slingshot and giant swing

32. Driven a motorcycle (crashed), Vespa, Golf Cart (crashed) and Go-Cart (crashed. Don't Judge)

Sometimes I look at that list and marvel, even at the risk of sounding self-congratulatory but the turn of the decade has many people reflecting on the past 10 years. I count my blessing every day because I know how very fortunate I am to have this life.


Another list I would like to include is things that would go on a bucket list that I think have a low chance of actually happing but they should still be acknowledged.

1. Be fluent in another language

2. Go to Space

3. Be in a famous meme

4. Be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone

5. Invent something that benefits the less fortunate or the environment

6. Meet former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

7. Visit over 50 countries

8. Go to the Oscars

9. Find a pair of jeans that fits both my hips and thighs (impossible)



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