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Before 30 Bucket List

Many in my circle have been turning 30 in the past few years. Many taking this milestone with grace and humor. Other not so much.


It's reaching the point in my life where a birthday is no big deal. Or it's as big a deal as you make it for your self. I turn 30 in about 6 months and I see it as probably last time I look forward to and celebrate a birthday. I try to keep in perspective that growing old is a privilege denied to so many. And that getting to live another year of a life I love it a gift. But is it so wrong to morn the passing of time? It's kind of annoying how all the cliche terms are coming to pass; time speeds up, you stop looking forward to your birthday, everything hurts, leaving the house becomes such a chore, you become super cynical about Valentine's day, etc.

I wanted to usher in my 30th year with all the joy and love that I feel for my current life. I created a "Before 30 Bucket list" so that I could not only end my twenties with a bang but also feel like I have something to show for it. I began making this list in the fall of 2019 so since then, a few of the things on the list have been checked off.

Ladies and Gents I present to you, My before 30 BUcket list-

1. Try 50 new wines

2. Start blogging

3. Launch my business

4. See all 5 major league sports games (MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, NFL)

5. Take a Solo trip

6. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

7. Visit a Psychic

8. Read 4 great books by women about women

9. Fly a plane

10. Master caligraphy

I plan to do a separate Blog Post about each item once it is completed. I have until the 5th of July to get this all done. Let's go!



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